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Future Health Champions Psychiatric Collaborative Care to Combat Primary Care Clinician Burnout

The Collaborative Care Model: Enhancing Value-Based Healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Future Health, a leading innovator in healthcare solutions, and the innovative force behind Done, a platform that allows users to manage their ADHD, today announced its initiative aimed at alleviating clinician burnout. Its Psychiatric Collaborative Care model is designed to reduce the burden on primary care providers (PCPs) by integrating comprehensive behavioral health support within the primary care framework to enhance clinician well-being and patient care.

"This collaborative approach improves health outcomes and provides a robust support system for clinicians managing complex behavioral health issues," said Joanne Dai, Group Leader, Future Health.

The model involves a coordinated effort among psychiatrists, PCPs and care managers to assess and adjust a patient's care plan in real-time, based on the patient's evolving needs.

"This collaborative approach improves health outcomes and provides a robust support system for clinicians managing complex behavioral health issues," said Joanne Dai, Group Leader, Future Health.

Key program features include impact analysis, evidence-based interventions, frequent reviews, and an inclusive patient approach, ensuring comprehensive care and support for both providers and patients.

The American Medical Association has identified burnout as a critical health crisis for both providers and patients, and a recent study by the Mayo Clinic revealed a staggering increase in physician burnout, with 62% of physicians experiencing at least one symptom of burnout in 2021, up from 39% the previous year.

"Primary care providers are often the first point of contact for patients with behavioral health needs. But, the demands of treating mental health conditions, alongside increasing administrative tasks and limited time per patient, have significantly contributed to clinician burnout," said Dai.

"Our Psychiatric Collaborative Care model aims to address these challenges by fostering a team-based approach to mental health care, effectively distributing the workload and providing PCPs with the support they need," Dai added. Future Health has deep experience in tackling mental health challenges; it was launched by Done, a telehealth platform for ADHD that provides treatment solutions for individuals with ADHD anytime and anywhere.

By integrating psychiatric expertise and support into primary care settings, Psychiatric Collaborative Care alleviates the administrative and clinical burdens traditionally shouldered by PCPs. In addition to enhancing the quality of care for patients with behavioral health needs, it contributes to the well-being and job satisfaction of clinicians, countering the burnout trend and paving the way for a healthier healthcare ecosystem.

With the healthcare industry moving towards value-based care models, Psychiatric Collaborative Care aligns with the goals of improving patient health outcomes while also supporting primary care practices in their transition. This approach is particularly beneficial in value-based care arrangements, where the emphasis is on prevention, comprehensive care and improved patient health outcomes.

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About Future Health: Future Health, a leading innovator in healthcare solutions, is dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape through cutting-edge programs and services. As the parent company of Done, Future Health is committed to advancing mental health care and addressing the pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers today.

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